Easter Gift Ideas

Its going to be Easter in a fortnight. We’re already gearing up for Holy Week. This weekend the Redemptorist Missions in our parish will conclude with a solemn high Mass. We’re so close to Passion Week.

But gifts! What do you give for Easter? Because Lent is such a deeply spiritual time, I don’t believe in the indulgence of giving away expensive or large gifts. My family will get a superb meal and then some small gift that will help them through the year, spiritually.

So I’ve rounded up some excellent gifts that you can give for Easter.

Handwritten Cards 

I remember my grandma used to always send out cards and even today in our community, people who receive cards hang them near the dinner table. A handwritten card says so much. It conveys that someone has taken the time to think of you.

If you do  pick a card, send an encouraging message inside, especially if you know the person is going through a hard time. Inscribe a verse, pray over and write a message that will truly bring the Easter light to someone’s home.

Check out these cards from Pio Prints.  They are printed on premium heavyweight smooth cover stock that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and acid free.


We Are Easter people from Pioprints.com

Personalize Name Plates

This is especially great for those who will be newly baptized. It makes for a great gift, where the name is inserted into a form of poem and Bible promises. You can see more of them here.


Baptism Name Plates from Etsy.com

Easter Lily 

I honestly pray that one day I may have my own garden where I can grow these, or even plant a bulb for my balcony. For now that will have to wait. I know many east Indian families who gift away a single Easter Lily if they’re invited to Easter Sunday brunch or dinner and nothing else. The Easter Lily represents the resurrection of Christ and also references Jesus as being “the lily of the valley,”  in Song of the Solomon, (2:1-2), “I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters,” and Hosea, (14:5), “I will be as the dew unto Israel: he shall grow as the lily, and cast forth his roots as Lebanon.”


Audio and Video CD’s

I love some of the spiritual material from Word on Fire. Bishop Robert Barron shares his perspective on so many of our beliefs. I especially sign up for his seasonal reflections and because they were so popular, he now does daily reflections based on the Missal. So when I go to Sunday Mass, I don’t feel lost or confused, I know how meticulously our readings are arranged. You can sign up for these reflections for free.


Tre Ore from wordonfire.org

As far as Easter gifts, it was something the our guest on the Christian Circle Podcast Episode 5, Mr. Charles Johnston mentioned that reminded me, through the year we should dwell on the passion of Christ. Its not just an Easter thing. “The Seven Last words of Jesus,” makes for an excellent listen on the Passion.


There are certain people in my family who will devour books. I love this book that I was given as a gift this year, Between Sundays by Paul Boudreau. It has reflections based on the daily readings. I could add in a list of so many other books. But I’ll just stick with one.

For the kids, you may want to try, a coloring book.  Or even a short story book based on Easter like this.


Between Sundays from Amazon.com

Chocolates and Candy

I try to make this every year and fail. I can bake anything and everything, but my candy making skills are zero. Something always goes wrong with my chocolates and my marzipan always gets hard or remains too soft. It just doesn’t work.  But we all know the Easter eggs, the cross shaped chocolates and lollipops, the chick shaped candy, all representing new life and eat them with relish.

So I end up buying local chocolates and candy from a local chocolatier, especially if I’m invited and have to take a gift basket.

Find a candy maker or check out RWA finalist Christina Hovland’s artisinal chocolates according to your needs, you can see more of her sweet confections here.


Truffles from Cherrystreetchocolates.com

I must hasten to add, that its not about the gifts we give. You have to choose a gift that will spiritually enhance the Easter experience. It’s not about the medium but rather the end goal that you want to achieve. So if you want to gift some one a retreat or a subscription to a Christian magazine, then its the perfect excuse to gift someone a renewed spiritual experience. After all, that is our end goal, to build the body of Christ.

Tell me about your gifts ideas for this season.


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